• About

    AQALAT is a limited liability company, based in the capital Riyadh and founded in 2013 by Saudi Telecom Company (STC) to develop and manage the company’s properties in all parts of the Kingdom. And in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 and global trends, we at AQALAT seek to benefit from the capabilities of the Saudi Telecommunications Group and its applications by adopting the concept of smart development that is based on integrating technology in all our projects and investments. We also aim to consolidate our reputation in the market by providing the finest and most modern projects to make them more attractive and more comfortable to its consumers to meet the needs and aspirations of the future generation.
    At AQALAT we believe in the potentials of the real estate market in the Kingdom and we are proud to have a board with extensive expertise in the Saudi real estate market and a distinguished team of specialists in the field of real estate development and smart complexes. And in the next phase, we will be focusing on investing and managing our strong assets portfolio through the development of modern projects that are based on extensive market studies, while also seeking partnerships to exploit emerging opportunities and meet future challenges to achieve our strategic goals.


    To be the pioneers in the development of urban projects to achieve the aspirations of the future generations


    To develop quality projects that combine innovative urban and architectural designs with technology to create unique, versatile and sustainable projects for a better lifestyle.

    Strategic Objectives


    Maximizing profits through the optimum utilization of STC’s real estate


    Achieving leadership in the use of technology and smart solutions in urban development


    Excelling in business by applying the best practices in the administrative and technical fields


    One responsible team

    Promoting the culture of corporate responsibility through transparency, taking responsibility, commitment, effective communication, exchanging knowledge, ongoing development and leading by example.

    Our clients are our main focus

    Ensuring that our projects meet the expectations of their consumers by applying the best quality standards on them, in order to make them the ideal place to live, work and have fun.

    Maximizing the value of projects

    Supporting the growth strategy through optimal investments of real estate resources to raise the value of projects in order to achieve the aspirations of all concerned parties from users, employees, owners and investors.

    A place for urban creativity

    Focusing on creating sustainable urban solutions for a better lifestyle.


    AQALAT has conducted a comprehensive study of the Saudi Telecom Company’s properties to choose the most suitable locations for investment and development of first phase projects, it is worth noting that the first phases of our multiple projects have been selected in various locations around the Kingdom (Riyadh – Mecca – Medina and Eastern Province). AQALAT has adopted many concepts to develop these projects, by enabling Smart Cities concepts and creating its necessary framework, preserving sustainability and raising its consumers’ lifestyles, whether it being through pedestrian walkways, parks, open areas or many other elements that contributes in raising the residents’ standards of living.

    Riyadh Project (Smart Square)

    South of King Abdul-Aziz’s Communications Complex

    Dammam Project (Smart Boulevard)

    Al-Etisalat District

    Riyadh Project (Smart Square)

    South of King Abdul-Aziz’s Communications Complex

    Riyadh Project is one of AQALAT’s first projects; it is located in the heart of Riyadh City in Al-Mursalat district, sitting on a 140,000 m2 land. What makes this project unique is its proximity to the city’s major roads (King Abdul-Aziz Road – King Abdullah Road – Imam Saud bin Abdul-Aziz bin Mohammed Road and Abu Baker Asidiq Road). With this project, AQALAT aspires to achieve its vision of future projects by enabling Smart Cities concepts, creating sustainability and raising the standards of everyday life for its residents, not to mention the availability of pedestrian walkways, parks, open areas and so many others. The project will also include many elements with various uses (residential – offices – commercial – mixed-use and mosques).

    Dammam Project (Smart Boulevard)

    Al-Etisalat District

    Dammam Project is located in the southern part of the communications complex in Al-Rayan district, in the heart of Dammam City between Othman bin Affan road and Prince Naïf bin Abdul-Aziz road near two of the city’s major roads (King Fahad Road – Dhahran/ Jubail Express Road), on a land of 380.000 m2. One of the project’s main elements is the commercial sectors which sit on Othman bin Affan road and Prince Naïf road in which a boulevard connects them. The project will also include many elements with various uses (residential – commercial – mixed-use – mosques and educational).
    AQALAT also aims with this project to achieve its vision by enabling Smart Cities applications through creating the necessary framework and infrastructure with latest technology trends. Not to mention sustainability and environmental components which are detrimental to this project whether it being pedestrian walkways, open spaces, plazas or any other element that brings a better life for its residents.